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Jelly Caddis


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The Jelly Caddis was originally tied for Great Lakes Steelhead by Nick Pujic of the United States, using a product called Jelly Rope. I was unable to obtain this material in New Zealand, so I began tying the pattern with Stretch Cord with fantastic results. 


Pink and chartreuse Stretch Cord Jelly Caddis are deadly for spawning-run rainbow trout, especially when the water is clear. The reason they work so well is that light coloured Stretch Cord - such as pink, light green and yellow - has fibre optic properties causing flies to glow under the water.


Jelly Caddis Recipe:


HOOK: Heavy wire grub hook size 14-10 
THREAD: Fl. Pink UTC 210 and Black UTC 140
ABDOMEN: Pink 0.5 to 0.7 mm Stretch Cord
THORAX: Black Arizona Synthetic Peacock dubbing or black squirrel dubbing

Tying Steps


Step 1 of tying sequence for jelly caddis fly pattern

Step 1

Tie in the single strand of pink Stretch Cord about 3mm behind the hook eye. Now spin the thread anti-clockwise to reduce the diameter, and then secure the Stretch Cord atop the shank with open thread turns. Make three tight thread turns at the bend and then return the thread to the eye in open turns, exposing as much of the hook shank as possible. Tie off the pink thread and attach the black.




Step 2 of tying sequence for jelly caddis fly pattern

Step 2

Next wrap the Stretch Cord forward and around the hook shank in closed turns. Allow sufficient space for the thorax when you tie it off.




Step 3 of tying sequence for jelly caddis fly pattern

Step 3

Twist the dubbing onto the thread.




Step 4 of tying sequence for jelly caddis fly pattern

Step 4

Create a substantial thorax, half hitch and tie off.




Step 4 of tying sequence for jelly caddis fly pattern


The chartreuse Jelly Caddis is tied with chartreuse and black thread and yellow or light green Stretch Cord.

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