Fly fisherman fishing and walking ankle deep through a shallow and wide gin-clear backcountry pool, with bush clad surrounds, New Zealand
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Fly Fishing & Trout in New Zealand

In this series of articles, I cover the introduction of brown and rainbow trout to New Zealand waters, their distribution and life cyles, then the different lifestyles 'chosen' by adult rainbows and browns, and the fishing opportunities this creates.


'Backcountry’ is the term often used to refer to isolated or wilderness areas, and backcountry rivers are some of my favourite places to fly fish.


There are two main types of backcountry streams and rivers in New Zealand: those that flow through tussock-covered high country plains or open valleys, and those flowing through steep sided valleys and gorges of natural bush, deep within mountain ranges.
I explain the approaches and techniques that work for me, after many seasons of trial and error fishing New Zealand’s beautiful but unforgiving backcountry rivers.
In the last 3-4 years I've become hooked on Spey fishing and effective gear choices for New Zealand waters, which I've devoted a whole section to, see 'Trout Spey' above.
My favourite time to fish the backcountry is during the cicada season. In summer I'll be posting an article about this exciting fishing phenomenon, then soon after that, 'Fishing Steelhead on the mighty Tongariro'.


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+ Distribution & lifecyles of Brown & Rainbow Trout in NZ trout

Life styles of New Zealand brown trout

+ Life styles of New Zealand rainbow trout
+ Fly fishing the Backcountry, New Zealand

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