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Fly Fishing Gear Reviews

I wouldn’t call myself a gear junkie, but I do like using quality gear.

Frustrated by mostly superficial sales-oriented reviews of products I was interested in, I began doing in depth and long term reviews of the products I’m using - or wanted to test and know more about.

I spend much time researching and testing fishing gear and fly tying materials, and share my findings to assist others with making suitable purchases.

My approach is to test a product against objective criteria.

As aesthetic appeal is often personal, I mostly try to state my preferences and biases.

My reviews are completely independent, I am not sponsored by any manufacturer, distributor or agent.

See the following :
+ TFO BVK fly rod review - Intro
+ TFO BVK fly rod review - 5 wt
+ TFO BVK fly rod review - 7wt
+ TFO BVK fly rod review - 8wt & 9wt
+ Loomis NRX fly rod review - 9wt
+ Fishing the Loomis NRX fly rod - 9wt
+ Choosing a fly reel for a 9wt fly rod
+ Stonfo Kaiman vise review
+ Stonfo Elite fly tying tools review
+ Riverworks X-series wading boot review
+ Scott Radian 5 wt fly rod review
+ Airflo Tracker and Dash fly lines review
+ Sage X-597 fly rod review
+ Sage Trout Spey HD 4wt rod review


The following items are no longer available from the manufacturers, so we've taken my reviews offline - although earlier cached pages may still be found in a Google Search :

Hardy Zenith 9 ft 5 wt fly rod
Nautilus FWX 5/6 fly reel
Scott S4S 9wt fly rod

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