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Fly Fishing Gear Reviews

I really like using quality gear although I wouldn't call myself a gear junkie.

Frustrated by sometimes superficial sales-oriented reviews of fishing gear I was interested in buying, I began doing detailed reviews of gear I was either using or had managed to loan for long enough to do a decent testing.


I later included long-term reviews of products I've used for several years.


Long-term reviews usually provide additional insight based on greater familiarity as well as information on durability.


My reviews are independent, I am not sponsored by any manufacturer, distributor or agent.


I publish reviews of products I like and believe are worth purchasing. I only manage to test a very small fraction of the vast variety of gear out there.


While many of the products I review I've purchased beforehand, I'm grateful to those tackle distributers who've kindly loaned me gear to test.


I enjoy researching and writing about fishing gear, and I hope the reviews on this page help guide others in making worthwhile choices.



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