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Scientific Anglers Amplitude Infinity fly line review

I've used a 5wt Amplitude Infinity for two years,and found it an excellent general purpose fly line that does everything one would want with a fast action 5wt fly rod.


I especially like it for indicator nymphing, dry/droppers and casting dry flies in sizes 16 to 10. It excels at distance, mending and roll casting, and presentation is surprisingly good given the power it has under the bonnet. My standard leader for this fly line is 15 ft long.


The head profile consists of a 7 ft front taper followed by a complex reverse taper that decreases in diameter toward the running line, in three separate tapers that become progressively more acute. The Infinity series is also a half size heavy.


The reverse taper and additional weight load fast action rods quickly, but do not overload them when aerialising more line for long shots. It is also adept at dealing with wind, turning over weighted nymphs on long leaders and for mending at range.


Head colour of the Infinity is buckskin, with the front 10 ft having olive camouflaging striations - perfect for clear water and spooky New Zealand trout. The length of the head on the 5wt version is 49 ft, which is considerably longer than the average 5wt line.


The Infinity is a perfect line for larger New Zealand rivers and high country streams. It is also a great line for rods longer than 9 ft, which take full advantage of the benefits of the long head and rear taper.



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The only time my Infinity gets a rest is during the cicada season on the North Island, and that is because the more aggressive MPX is better suited to turning over size 6 wind resistant dry flies on 15 ft leaders with a 5wt rod. The 5wt Infinity can cast big cicada imitations, just not as well as the MPX.


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