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Scientific Anglers Amplitude fly lines

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Textured fly lines are incredibly supple, completely memory free and they shoot like nothing I have ever used before. They have also been scientifically tested, by an independent laboratory, to last up to four times longer than other high end PVC lines.

Gone are the days when I needed to buy a new floating PVC fly line each season.



Three boxes of Scientific Amplitude fly lines



For the environmentally conscious, Scientific Anglers PVC fly lines do not contain phthalate plasticisers, which are environmental hazards, and because they last longer than other fly lines you end up sending fewer lines to the landfill.


Although the Amplitude textured series includes a wide range of clever tapers, the amazing performance is due largely to the AST Plus additive in the coating and also to the texture.


When I say coating I mean the material coating the braided core, because there is no outer coating on these lines. A fluid lubricant is distributed throughout the entire coating, which migrates continually to the surface, to maintain shoot ability throughout the life of the fly line.


You don’t need soap or fly line dressings to clean and condition one of these lines, all you need to do is buff the line with a SA cleaning pad, to allow the the lubricant to reach the surface, and it will cast as well as when it was new.


The surface of textured Amplitude fly lines is covered with micro dimples, like those on a golf ball, to increase shoot ability, and the front taper has a different texture to increase flotation through increased surface area.


All of the Textured models are available in the non-textured Amplitude Smooth series, but in my experience the textured lines are more supple and they shoot better. The Amplitude Smooth series, nevertheless, has the same super slick and durable AST Plus coating.


The textured lines make a slight hissing sound as they shoot, but I found the additional feedback useful when judging distance - especially at night. And its not like smooth fly lines make no noise at all.


Another advantage of the textured lines is that they are easier to grip when strip-striking at range with nymphs, and also when you need to strip in line when a fish swims toward me upon striking.


Although I have thin skin on my fingers I have not experienced any injury or discomfort during or after extensive daily use of Amplitude Textured lines.


For those anglers who can’t stand textured fly lines, the Amplitude Smooth series is the way to go.


Choose the Textured Infinity for the ultimate do it all floating fly line.
Choose the Textured MPX for casting large dry flies, e.g. #8-6 cicada imitations.
Choose the Smooth Creek Trout for small to medium streams, for single hand Spey casting (think soft hackles and small streamers), and quick accurate presentations.


For an in-depth review of the Amplitude Textured MPX, with comparison to the Infinity >


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